New projects of 2017

New projects of 2017

The year 2017 is almost here and I am excited.

There are many plans, ideas and projects in making.

First and foremost I still love the same people – Even now in my kitchen you can find three different coffees from Goriffee, some Cascara and tea from my friends. Thoughout last couple of months we had lots of great discussions about our work, coworkers, state. And I still love these amazing guys!

Authentic Slovakia really improved their website and I very much like it. What makes them one great company is their team –

Bratislava food tour has also something new. It is their sweet tooth tour. Yummy! I would like to try this tour as well!

And me and my company? I am this process in making. I am searching, connecting, finding things I love and like to do. It is sometimes harder, sometimes easier. I for myself am still searching this balance between my personal and my work life. It is sometimes challenging.

For the next year I would like to once again guide some tourists, but I would like to join forces with other great guides. I think, that there are so many other great Bratislava city guides to help me create great tours of Bratislava. And I am still improving my main company website – with the help of Websupport products.

Another project I am currently finishing is my e-book – My city, my home, my love, unique guidebook of Bratislava. I decided to separate and upload it in three different sections. It is still in the making and I really enjoy writting it. And my photos there are amazing.

I also very much enjoy blogging and I also want to improve not only the content, but also the look of my two blogs. Besides this one I also have the Slovak one –

Last couple of months I am also creating, writting and finishing my education programme. It is going to make learning German much more fun. I am currently finishing the first e-learning, but other two are also in making. For more information click here – I will be posting lot more things on this second company website.

I have lot of projects and plans and they all make me very proud. I am trying to make my customers, clients and co-workers satisfied. Very important for me is to respect other people. I am also working hard to create the best products, that I would personally buy.

I am also still learning and improving. I really love educating myself in online marketing, advertisement or management. It is an important part of my work. And also my Spanish and horse riding lessons. I want to become better me in the upcoming year 2017. Cheers to that! 1skgirl

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