Vegan hate

Vegan hate

Three months ago on 15/10/2016 I decided to go vegan. So hate me now… 🙂

It was a decision, that I was thinking about for a long time and I do not regret it at all.

During my months as plant-based person I learned a lot and I also ate some meat and diary products. I am not perfect and so is not my diet. I was on vacation in New York and some of the food I ate was non-vegan. But at home in Bratislava I was eating mostly plant-based food.

When I was younger around 7/8 years old I loved sausages, eggs, they were my holy foods and also one of the reasons I was growing up more heavy than I should. In one of my articles I already mention my eating disorder. When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with mental anorexia. I was not eating, almost anything, usually less than 500 calories per day. I was feeling very depressed, weak and not happy at all. When my family and doctor noticed it, they threathened me with clinic, psychiatrist and all the stuff, so I had to start eating. Many times I was forced-fed. Up until the age of 17 I very rarely ate meat, I did not like the taste of it and I was also animal activist. From an early age I dreamt about having my own dog and eating animals was for me unaccaptable.

When I was 17 years old I studied abroad in Germany, I ate lots of meat there, because there were not many other options for me. And I also gained a lot of weight. Since these times my weight is very fluctuating.Unfortunately food, portion control was always an issue for me.

Last year I had lots of stomach problems. I had more and more problems with lactose and I´ve been tested for milk allergy. I had results pointing more the direction milk intolerance, but I decided not to drink any milk or consume diary products. My stomach aches were not going away. My gastroentrologist planned more tests for me and from those my cholesterol was quite high.

So my decision to eat vegan was mostly done for my personal reasons, not the ethical ones. But watching many online videos, movies and reading many books I decided to eat vegan also this year.

From my vegan experience I have to tell you, it is not easy. And yes, I am this crazy woman in the shops reading the labels and then being angry there is milk, honey or egg in it. But I also discovered nice vegan shops, online webshops. These are the hidden gems for each vegan beginner.

But somehow I also experienced a lot of vegan hate. Vegans are many times one crazy community, the raw ones, raw until 4, cooked food vegans, many different camps. I personally think, that one of the reasons why someone is a vegan is love. Love to the animals, enviroment, his/her body. So it does not really match up with hating meat eaters, vegetarians, pescaterians or people who wear fur.

I personally do not like wearing dead animal skin, even when I was a meat eater. But I would never throw some fake blood on somebody wearing fur. It is their choice and concience to wear it. I do not like extremism, I do not like people hating on each other, blaming them. I prefer explanation!

So let me sum up my article and exlain in 10 points why I feel happy eating vegan food:

  • My stomach is not bloated, I do not experience stomach aches or pain.
  • I enjoy cooking with new ingredients, using more vegetables, fruits and grains daily.
  • Eating out is easy, I can rarely eat anything, so I always pack some nice snacks for me.
  • My skin got better, my nails are stronger as well as my hair.
  • I once again rediscovered my old love for nuts. I eat them daily in reasonable amounts.
  • My food is in its complexity much more colourful, but requires more preparation.
  • My family or friends respect my food options or at least majority of them.
  • I can eat larger volumes of food and still not feel too full.
  • Food is not my enemy, it is my friend and I very much enjoy eating it.
  • I feel more connected to the animals, nature and my authentic personality and happiness.

So I am currently vegan. I do not know if I am going to stay like that forever. I do not know what future has in its plans for me. But my experience so far is positive.

But there are also some things I “hate” about being vegan. For example when people are trying to explain to you, that you are selfharming yourself. When there is one plain vegetarian option in restaurant and no vegan one. When people are telling you how crazy you are. And yes I am! 🙂

But I,like any other person. have to listen to my body, its needs and I do not feel like missing anything out eating vegan food. I also do not hate on you if you are a meat eater. It is your choice, but remember to eat lots of healthy fruis, vegetables and nuts. Love your body and yourself! 1skgirl

Food is here #all #vegan #healthy #vegshop #foodforyourbodyandsoul

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