Do not die

Do not die


Death. The end. Final moments.

It is something I never get used to, but it is a part of being a pet owner.

Just yesterday I was holding his sick little body, experiencing his last breaths on this earth.

And now he is gone. And me and my other chinchilla Chia are feeling alone. He suddenly died, no previous illnesses, just one single bad day and he is no longer here.

My black chinchilla named Blackie died suddenly just at the age of seven months. My veterinary doctor tried to help him, but he was not very responsive to fluids and shots given.

As I was holding him, feeling it is not going to be better, I was repeating – don´t die. Please don´t die. I was trying to nurture and hold him as much as I could, but he eventually died. I had him unfortunatly for only four months. Such a short time, really.

He had different character than my other chinchilla Chia. He was a very kind boy, he loved his sand and nuts. And Chia, oh, he loved her. We are both missing him very much. I feel heartbroken, I lost beloved one. It is scary, it is hard, it really sucks.

But sometimes it happens. Even if you wish him not to die. Even if you go to the doctor. Even if you do your best and take the best medical care ever possible.

It is the death and I cannot change it. Just accept it. Like everybody else.

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