Extract from my e-book

Extract from my e-book

This is an extract from my e-book and its part My city! http://greatideaslovakia.eu

In the communist time it was not allowed to travel without special permits. It was also very difficult to get those documents. My parents were never allowed to travel into the so-called not communist friendly countries. Many people used to travel and never return back, so many times people had very special border controls and it was also not allowed to carry too much money or personal documents, photographs, etc.

I am 30 years old and I do not remember communist era that much. My older brother and sister have more of less only candid memories. They remember the pioneers movement, the similar dresses and not very wide selection of fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to the generation of my parents they do remember much more. My mom and born in 1951 and my father 4 years prior, so they lived big part of their life in communist era. They remember their jobs, their friends who left the country. One of our family friends left the country after 1968 – Prague spring and never returned back. His whole family was having a lot of issues and was interrogated by police.

My uncle, who was my dad´s brother, had also many problems, because he was a catholic priest and was followed, persecuted and even disciplined by the goverment.

It was very difficult time and I personally do not like to picture it black and white, because besides all the freedom taken from people, there were some good things. But many things were not free, like no freedom to travel, express own thoughts freely, no free press, media and religion. There was officially no unemployement, no homeless people. Young people used to marry in their early 20ties so they would get cheaper flats for the newlyweds. There was the family politics, supporting having multiple children in the family, abortions and divorces were more difficult to get than are now.

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