Not good enough

Not good enough


I guess I always knew it.
You and I are not going to work out.
Because you know, we are too different.

I am woman, this one Slovak girl.
And you are the strong male.
This charming prince on the white horse.

I love my work, my business, my clients.
You hate each single workday, 
that you spend in that office, babe.

You told me that I should lose
some more weight, some opinions 
or maybe just the annoying boyfriend?

You treated me badly and I still
gave you this next other chance,
as you promised just the last one.

There is no more apologies for your
bad behaviour, your ignorant manners,
the way you showed me each single day.

That I am not worthy,
not good enough,
certainly not for you.

Because maybe, 
it could be all
completely different and changed.

And you are just not good enough 
for me, for my life,
for my time or for my love.

Sometimes the fairytales don´t have
the sweet happy endings
and reality cannot be ignored anymore.

You know what?
I really feel happy again,
because I have my next reason.

Why being single is so great.
there is nobody to tell me,
that I am not good enough for them!

 With love 1skgirl

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