Better in time

Better in time

People say that things get better in time.

That time heals everything.

That you just simply forget.


But then you have this talk.

Reminder of certain small things.

The past, his job, our life together.


Suddenly you are all in.

Lost, sad and thoughtful.

Thinking and not sleeping.


How I used to love him,

how he was my whole life,

my man,my friend, the one.


How you used to kiss me.

how you hold me tight,

how you ask me to be yours.


And it is okay, that it hurts.

It is okay, that it happened.

Because it really got better.


There is no more you and me

and I am certainly fine without you.

It all turned out so much better.


For me, for my life, for my future.

You are my past, not my destiny.

Because I deserve so much more!

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