Modern relationship

Modern relationship


Give me your love and

I will be lying.

Give me your heart and

I will break it.

Give me your dreams and

I will crush them.

Give me your soul and

I will burn it.

Give me your body and

I will use it.

Give me your time and

I will waste it.

Give me your money and

I will spend it.

Give me and never ever

expect that I will give anything back.

Because I am the


And you are just the


Top 5 in Bratislava

Top 5 in Bratislava

Top 5 best and worst hotels in Bratislava

Couple of days ago I guided nice small group of tourists from Singapore. They were really lovely people and they had many interesting questions about Bratislava or Slovakia. One of them was – which is the best hotel in Bratislava? I answered and it inspired this list!

Top 5 best hotels:

Sheraton Bratislava – great location, helpful staff and delicious food, simply the best.

Hotel Ibis – love their location as well, pet-friendly, parking available, reasonable prices.

Carlton hotel – historical building with modern renovation, stuff always ready to help you.

Austria trend hotel – modern hotel, enjoyed the restaurant food, my clients were satisfied.

Arcadia hotel – located in the city center, interior with gothic elements, just great reviews.

As I was thinking about the best hotels I also remembered many bad experiences in different hotels. Some of them were really unpleasant. I had to apologize so many times in front of my clients, that I had to write it all down. I do not like when hotels are just average, when they do not treat my clients or visitors of Bratislava with certain respect, dignity and care.

Top 5 worst hotels:

Park Inn Danube – renovation was needed for many years and is finally in progress.

Falkensteiner – never met friendly receptionist, my clients and I did not enjoyed the food.

Marrols – location great, but prices too high, plus incedibly bossy and arrogant staff.

Grand hotel River Park – overpiced for the quality received, clients were dissapointed.

Holiday Inn – location is really bad, far from the city center, basic hotel, needs renovation.

I wish for the hotels in the worst list to improve their quality of services, and to to be more polite with people coming to Bratislava. We as employees in customer care are the ones representing our country and city. Therefore we have to make sure, we do it the right way.

Do you agree with this list? Or do you have other experiences? Write me in comments! 🙂