Loveletter to my body

Loveletter to my body

I am not just the fat friend or how to stay body positive! 😛

I do not go out very often. I was never a party person or big club goer. I prefer to spend my free time at home with my chinchilla, or meeting my friends and family. Just chinchiilling! 🙂

But sometimes I end up in a bar, chatting with some boys. One guy, that I sort of liked, talked to me and all the time he asked about my friend, the lovely skinny girl. And I felt just like the fat friend. The one, that has to be overlooked, the not so skinny and worthy one.

Then I was thinking. That guy did not like me, he prefered the tall, skinny girls. But does it mean, that my body is not good enough or not worth loving? For sure not. And that is why I decided to write this loveletter to my body. Basically to remember myself to love this body of mine! Because I am not skinny, nor that tall, I am curvy, I have ass, thighs and all the stuff. I am not perfect and never will be.

But I am still working on loving myself, on improving myself.


Dear body of mine,

you are with me for the last 30 years and let me tell you it was one very busy ride.

Growing up I fed you all the crazy stuff. I loved sausages, bacon, salamis, eggs and it was pretty visible on me. Then at 13 I wanted to drastically change it, so I did not eat anything. I became anorectic and my body was losing lot of weight rapidally.

I was a skinny skeleton, not looking like myself anymore. And then I gained weight. For the next couple of years I had some healthy weight. At around 17 years old I gained too much and then I lost it once again. Starting my first university I gained and then lost. And then gained and then lost. And then gained and then lost. The neverending circle of no weight control, of undereating, overeating, no eating, almost no eating,eating only evenings. It was very crazy and very challenging.

Thank you my lovely body for sticking up with me. For still functioning and not colapsing, because I had not taken good care of you.

I want to feed you healthy plant-based food, enough carbs, some sweets and fat. I want to exercise and be healthy. Because my dear body, I realy do love you! 1skgirl


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