Dating is the game I used to play.

Swipe right, swipe left, give him some superlike.

And maybe at the end find the mister right.

Will there be some happy ending

and finally some love making?

Am I too old, too needy

or even too much greedy?

Are you my sunshine, my bright light?

My tall, handsome and beardy pal?

Is it going to be thing forever

or just short never ever?

Are you my destiny

or just too skinny?

Just glimpse of happiness

or longterm wellness?

I am really not sure and

as I get older, it gets scarrier.

That maybe there is not going to be

my partner and longterm carrier…

That you and I are never going to be

this solid item, one great unit.

Because I want to be done with it.

This whole dating game,

this hunting for some game.

And at the end,

there will just be me.

This single Slovak girl.

Dedicated to all the guys I dated in 2017, you suck a lot! 🙂